New Pharmaceutical Mail Back Program
This service is intended to offer an easy and simple solution for your unwanted and non-creditable Pharmaceutical Schedules I-V, OTC, and Rx.

Customer Focused Solutions

Our Client Relations Team specializes in discovering solutions according to our Client’s needs, while maintaining a strong, professional relationship through communication.

100% Compliance

We fully comply with DEA, EPA, FDA, DOT, OSHA & all Federal and State agencies.

Streamline Pharmacy Waste Needs

We offer a wide range of services to help you save time by streamlining your pharmaceutical and bio-hazardous needs.

Top Level Security

Security is one of the roots of our business practice. We have a Level 1 secure facility and as an extra precaution, our client’s information is stored at one of the most secure data storage facilities located in Las Vegas, NV.

My Pharma

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  • I like the fact that Assured Pharmaceuticals works with my schedule. From the sales agent to the pickup driver, they arrive on time. It’s nice to find a company that respects My time.
    Works with My Schedule
  • I know what my bill is going to be every time. There are No Unexpected Surprises. Very Refreshing.
    No Unexpected Surprises
  • We went with Assured because they listened to Our Needs and were very accommodating. That’s hard to find in this day and age.
    Listened to Our Needs
  • We love our Client /Field Agent relationship. We know we can count on them when we need them.
    Client Relationships